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Whether your business is a pub, club, restaurant, bar or café, we've got a tailored EPOS system to help truly step up your service.

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EPOS for Pubs

Discover smarter EPOS systems that are designed specifically for making sure service in your pub is always simple, reliable and adaptable for peaks in service.

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EPOS for Nightclubs

Clubs can be fast-paced, messy environments. That's why you need a more reliable and robust EPOS system that's effortlessly streamlined and simple to use.

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EPOS for Restaurants

Customisable, integrated EPOS systems are a must for the needs of bars and restaurants. You, your staff and your customers will love these easy-to-use, quick ordering solutions.

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EPOS for Cafes

Take a look at our low cost, tailored EPOS solutions for smaller businesses. Designed so no matter your business' size, you can provide your customers with consistently excellent service.

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Customer service is essential for hotels. That's why you need a versatile, reliable and easy to use EPOS solution the integrates seamlessly with your PMS.

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Designed for Hospitality

We know your hospitality business can be a fast-paced, high-demand environment. We also know that the technology at the heart of your business can fail you, causing frustrations, delays in orders and imperfect service which is why we offer an EPOS solution for your peace of mind. 

Android Based

Android Based

The latest incarnation of the Casio EPOS software harnesses the power of our Android-based platform to deliver one of the most feature-rich and versatile packages on the market. Whether it is the basics of registering sales, intelligent application of special offers, advanced graphical table management or sophisticated reporting, the Casio EPOS software will be more than equal to the task.

Reliable and Robust


Casio EPOS solutions run as fast as your business, supporting daily 24/7 front of house operation. If anything was to happen such as a power interruption, a quick return to operation will occur, ensuring you’re always ready to go. Also, the screen is water splash and dust resistant to the IP53 standard meaning that day to day spillages and cleaning are not an issue.

Easy to Use


The Casio EPOS touch screen LCD display is incredibly simple to use, tough and durable, enabling staff to work quickly and effectively. Staff training is kept to a minimum supported by tills that are more than up to the job of the demanding hospitality environment. Whether you need a till with a small footprint or one with a larger screen the ease of use of Casio EPOS ensure prompt and accurate service.

Low Power Consumption


The Casio V-R series consumes much less power than conventional PC based systems and this translates into significant savings in running costs over time as well as boosting eco-credentials. This offers complete peace of mind that you're not racking up those electricity bills when using the tills seven days a week. An added advantage of its fanless operation is that the Casio tills are virtually silent.

Cloud Suite Software


A comprehensive, web-based back office package that allows you to manage every aspect of your EPOS terminals and their part in your business. From the simplicity of changing a price to managing stock levels to running sophisticated reports, you will find that the Casio Cloud Suite makes life simpler. The Suite features a number of modules so you can pick and choose the features you need. The Casio solution grows with your business.

Stylish Design


The Casio V-R series are capable of displaying vibrant colours so that you can really take advantage of the customisable user interface to create an attractive and intuitive look that your staff will appreciate. The screen can be easily tilted to the correct viewing angle no matter what the location or lighting conditions. The slim and sophisticated design will fit well with any interior scheme.

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"The Casio V-R7000 is undoubtedly the most function-rich and enabling platform that I have used."

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