Over 40 years of expertise

Casio has been in the electronic cash register business for over 40 years, launching its first product in 1976.

Casio has been in the electronic cash register business for over 40 years, launching its first product in 1976. The R&D team at Casio HQ in Japan are continuously improving the products and are driven to providing the most innovative and powerful solutions on the market, tailored specifically for businesses such as pubs, restaurants, cafes and many more.

In the UK, there is a dedicated technical team that has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the cash register industry, ensuring that Casio are keeping up with the latest trends and customers demands. The team are on hand for any technical issues that may occur and again are constantly striving to make the Casio range the best products on offer in the marketplace.

Casio’s main aim is to provide a reliable and robust all-in-one solution that runs as fast as your business, whilst keeping running costs to a minimum. The solutions are completely customisable and flexible to specific business needs, allowing the systems to grow with your business.

The early years - 1976 – 1980

Casio entered the electronic cash register business back in 1976. The first model was the ∑50, soon to be followed by the 10ER, 11 ER and 22ER in 1980. These were exciting new times for Casio, as the digital era for cash registers was just starting.  These cash registers introduced new concepts like the first battery cash register (11er), the first cash register with time and date for hourly reporting and many more features.

The mid 1980s to the early 1990s

The mid 1980s saw Casio bring a whole range of very powerful products to all sectors of the industry. In 1983, Casio launched the world’s first Flat-Key cash register, the TK-2100, enabling user friendly and easy-to-maintain buttons.

2004 – Casio EPOS was born

In September 2004, Casio launched their first electronic point of sale till, expanding on the features of the popular existing cash register range. The first touch screen model was easy to use, fast and responsive, ensuring it could keep up with the busy demands of the hospitality industry.  In 2012, Casio launched the world’s first Android platform EPOS terminal, the V-R100, offering reliable and robust software in a stylish and sleek hardware design. As well as being fast and reliable, the versatile and powerful Android based software ensures exceptionally low power consumption, reducing electricity costs  and keeping overheads down.

Today – 2018

Expanding on the V-R series, Casio now offer two key products designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The V-R7000 is equipped with a 15” screen making it ideal for pubs and restaurants combined. The V-R200 offers the exact same functionality and powerful software in a compact size with an integrated printer and pop up display, ideal for cafes and delis where space is limited. Casio is constantly improving its products both internally and through integrations with partners. This includes the likes of Vianet, a cellar management system ensuring beer quality is at the optimum, Paymentsense, an integrated card payments provider and Counter Solutions, who provide a loyalty package to make sure your customers keep coming back for more.  Along with these, Casio recently launched a mobile ordering solution, which runs on Android tablets to increase customer interaction by allowing orders to be taken at the table.

Keep up to speed with the latest Casio news and improvements on our blog.

Keep up to speed with the latest Casio news and improvements on our blog