7 Bone Burger Company


"The V-R7000 is designed specifically for the demands of high flow-through restaurants, being spill and heat proof."


The first 7Bone Burger Restaurant (7Bone) opened its doors in October 2013 in Southampton’s thriving Portswood district after establishing its name and defining menu items from what had started as a pop-up concept stall in the city centre. Their loyal customers followed and more beside; enjoying the rustic approach to food and service and their reputation quickly spread across social media and marketing efforts.


Co-Owner Matt, sits behind the venture, alongside his trusted front of house manager, Lucia Mollicone.



"We have quickly gained one of the highest footfalls and table turnaround in the area and as such, we need a fast, scalable, expandable transaction and back office system that will allow us to provide great customer service and open other branches using the same infrastructure."


Confidence started high when 7Bone trialled the Casio EPOS solutions running on the Android-based software. A local reseller, Premier Cash Registers, advised on the project requirements and carried out the full installation, highlighting how multi-site enhancements through cloud access would be easily delivered as and when further restaurants came online.

For a young business like 7Bone, using the Casio V-R7000 delivers significant start-up benefits. From defining the initial operating cost overhead, with units offered via a low cost per day leasing arrangement, to achieving an immediate, perceivable window on the new business. Matt was impressed with the instant impact that the sleek device could make.

We are pleased to be one of the South Coast’s first users of Casio’s V-R7000 Android POS terminals, along with the two mobile handhelds." 

Using the back office management suite, the team were able to solidify popular menu items and provide customised dishes, cooked to customer order and accurately noted on the V-R7000. Installed on the busy countertop, Lucia reflects on the ease of use:


“The V-R7000 is designed with one of the largest colour touchscreen LCDs available. It’s designed specifically for the demands of high flow-through restaurants, being spill and heat proof and easily wiped clean.”

The team find it incredibly fast to use, with drop down prompts guiding servers through transactions. In between staff are provided with reminder notices to check on each table’s progress and food quality.


Today, 7Bone is literally thriving and looks poised to become one of the South Coast’s leading American eateries. The restaurant currently handles an impressive 2,000 diners a week and opens its second concept branch in Bournemouth in October. With such a high turnaround of covers, 7Bone Southampton thrives on providing exceptional menu items using locally sourced ingredients.

“I originated with a strong Finance & Accounting background, so I instinctively knew that our ongoing success hinged entirely on understanding the numbers. Immediately using the Casio terminal, we could gain essential management information from anywhere and track how many covers we were taking and make immediate relevant business decisions to support the growth. Moving forward, connected to the Cloud suite, we can see essential information replicated across multiple sites, like the popularity of items on the menu, the number of repeat diners; how long they stay and how frequently they visit.”

In terms of management reporting, Matt has moved to a position of control over daily transactions. He can interpret the number of covers and the amount of time each table takes. As more branches come online, 7Bone recognise that their Head Chef will be further enabled as he can order ingredients across all restaurants using the multi view enablement on stocking levels and dishes consumed, avoiding wastage. Matt is also looking forward to enhanced social media interaction, so that if when an exception occurs, the POS can be quickly accessed that reflects the full transaction story.

matt summarises his experience:


“It’s all about achieving business efficiencies with Casio POS touch terminals. There’s an entire pic’n’mix of hospitality applications available on the Internet that can help take us to the next level of success, when we are ready. Accounting, ordering, ingredients, social media functions, it’s all there.” comments Lucia.